Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb Review: This never gets old

When I heard they were going to release a third installment to the already famous franchise – Night At The Museum, I was pleasantly surprised.  I like to think that I am very updated with my entertainment news so having this slip my radar was both good and bad.

First things first, I am a huge fan of this franchise.  The first time it came out, I literally flew to the cinema just to catch it.  I find the concept intriguing and often wished my next trip to the museum might turn into a party with the exhibits.  It’s a concept where your imagination runs wild – anything can happen.

“I think if we carry on distracting them with the flashlight, they won’t see us.” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Now, out of all three movies in the franchise, I gotta admit… This is probably my favorite.  Okay… Two of the reasons might be due to the fact that Rebel Wilson and Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley!) were in it but it was largely because the film had a rather concrete story line. There was as much comedy as it should have, but it also had heart.

In this round, the magic of Ahkmenrah’s tablet is slowly running out, making the exhibits behave strangely.  So, to solve the problem, Larry Daley decides to head to London to get some answers. (Not going to ruin this with spoilers!)  As usual, the movie is filled with perfect lines to tickle the funny bone and there were some surprise celebrity appearances as well.  Having been to the British Museum, it was definitely amusing for me to see the exhibits that I’ve passed before, come to life.  Despite the fun, excitement and laughs of the movie, what really got me was the heart of the movie and the closure to Larry’s life as a night security guard.

“I must say, it is jolly good to be out of Downton for a bit.” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

We all know that no matter how comfortable we are with the current state of our lives, we can never stay in the same place forever.  We need to move on and try new things; to grow as a person.  And that’s what Larry needed to do.  With the tablet staying in the British Museum, together with Ahkmenrah, the magic wasn’t going back with them to New York.  Needless to say, I cried watching Teddy break the news to Larry that they had accepted their fate and that it had been great meeting him.  In a way, it was like a push for Larry to accept that there were more things he needed to do instead of staying at a dead end job where there wasn’t any prospects.  The eventual good-bye with Teddy when they were back in New York was probably the saddest for me.

I liked how they ended the movie, with Larry Daley standing outside the museum in New York.  He could have gone in to say ‘hi’ to the exhibits but he chose to stay outside.  It worked as a way of him ending that chapter of his life (since he kinda passed the responsibility on to Rebel’s character).  It’s nice to see that they were not going to try and milk the franchise for all it’s worth.  In a way, it gave fans of the franchise a good way to say ‘good-bye’ to Larry and the New York museum’s exhibits.

Of course,  we can never say never in the world of Hollywood.  For all we know, a part four is in the works with Rebel Wilson becoming the lead, experiencing her own adventure in London. *shrugs*




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