The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them Review: A true romantic story

So, I had wanted to watch this movie since I last heard of its existence.  I know that there are two other movies before this one, but I was unable to catch them (because the cinemas here are not into showing good films).  One of the reasons I went to watch this film was because of the amazing Jessica Chastain.  I’ve been her fan since The Help and can only say that she grows more talented with each film she’s in.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, is the third installment to this title.  The previous two were titled Him and Her – each telling their side of the story.  This film, however, was portrayed from a third person’s point of view.  The story tells of a couple, Eleanor (Jessica Chastain) and Connor (James McAvoy), who were very much in love and ended up getting married.  After tragedy struck the couple, they struggled to go on with their lives.  Eleanor attempted to commit suicide but failed and ended up moving back home with her parents after getting discharged from the hospital.  There, she sought shelter and used it as a place to avoid her husband.  All this while, Connor is looking for his wife and finds no trace of her.  He slowly gives up and moves out of their apartment in the city to live with his dad.  As Eleanor decides to move on with her life, she returns to the City to continue her studies.  Connor finds out she’s back and the two are forced to finally face the gaping hole in their relationship.

“Are you telling me that I’m not better than Fassbender in X-Men!?” Source: Unison Films

Despite mixed reviews (the two ladies who watched the movie and started talking about it in the washroom), I felt that this movie tugged at the heart strings and it was quite simply a film about a couple learning to cope with grief.  I don’t want to reveal what their tragedy was because.. Spoilers!  When a tragedy like theirs strikes, it is hard to continue with life the way it was before.  There is nothing that one can say or do, like sweep the issue under the rug, when the tragedy has already affected them.  This film also shows how different people cope with the loss of their dreams, time with loved ones.  The entire cast portrayed their characters exceptionally well, making me believe that just for that 2 hours, they were just ordinary people (like you and me), running from their problems and grief.

This is definitely one of Jessica Chastain’s great performances and I highly recommend this movie to folks who enjoy Indie Drama films or are Jessica Chastain’s fans, like me!




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