Annie Review: From stage to screen


I finally got to watch this movie!  YAY!

I remembered that the only time I really saw Annie was from one of my favorite VCDs that my mom bought me when I was a kid.  It was a cartoon version of Annie’s story minus the songs.  I watched it about a dozen times and till this day, I still can remember the different scenes.

Annie is the modern day remake of the classic Broadway show of the same name.  Annie (Quvenzhané Wallis), is a foster child who stays with her mean foster mom, Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz) and a couple of other kids.  Despite her situation, Annie toughs it out and takes each day as it comes until one day, when she accidentally bumps into wealthy billionaire and NYC’s mayoral candidate, Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx).  He saved her from an oncoming van, which got videotaped and put onto the internet; going viral almost instantaneously.  His political advisor (Bobby Cannavale) decides to use the instant fame to his advantage to boost Stacks’ numbers in the poll.  Will takes Annie into his home and slowly begins to learn things he never thought to learn from a 10-year old, which aided in his eventual acknowledgement to the importance of his assistant, Grace (Rose Byrne).

Quvenzhane Wallis;Jamie Foxx
“What do you mean the pretzels aren’t good?” Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

I really enjoyed this movie on a whole.  I liked that they changed the perception of how Annie should look like and it gave the character a refreshing change.  I do admit that some of the singing came off a little flat at times but overall, the singing was pretty good.  Quvenzhané’s Annie is easy to love as soon as you see her come onto the screen.  She was able to engage me, the viewer to feel for her as soon as I am introduced to her character.  There are not many young actresses out there who are able to hold their own like she does (which would explain why she was nominated for an Oscar at the young age of 9).  Cameron’s Miss Hannigan was a joy to watch as well, providing some laughs in intense situations (for example the chase scene with the helicopter).

“The sun will come out tomorrow!” Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Two things that I thought were pretty good from the film:

1. Showcasing the power of Social Media:  It was interesting to see the usage of Social Media being used to upload exciting moments while helping out with a serious situation at hand.  The fact that they kinda showed that Social Media wasn’t just something teenagers used to concern themselves was good.  It gives parents a perspective that sometimes, Social Media can be used for a greater good.  In this case, helping with pin pointing where Annie was going to end up so that they could save her.

2. Clever action sequence:  This was something I definitely didn’t expect to see.  The chasing scene with the helicopter and police cars were something that you would expect out of an action movie instead of a musical-dramedy.  But to my surprise, they cleverly weaved in an action sequence that gave you enough excitement to keep you at the edge of your seat (metaphorically and literally!).

All in all, Annie is a great family movie and I was enjoying myself immensely with the songs.  If you are thinking of a movie to rent, this would be a perfect one for all musical movie lovers!




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