Kingsman: The Secret Service Review: Suits never looked cooler


This has got to be one of my favorite movies for 2015.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is based off the acclaimed comic book which tells the story of Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton), who gets recruited by Harry Hart (Colin Firth) into an elite secret spy organization – the Kingsman.  As Eggsy goes through the intense and rigorous training program along with other recruits, tech genius Richard Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) is putting in the final touches to his master plan which aims to ignite a mass genocide, ridding the world of ordinary people; only letting the rich and famous maintain their existence.  After the loss of his mentor, Hart, Eggsy takes it upon himself to carry on his mission and put a stop to Valentine’s plan.

“Boys. Get ready to dance.” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

I felt that this film had everything.  Action, humor, eye candy (which is a must, am I right, ladies?) and fun gadgets.  Also, it has Michael Caine! (My mom and I both agreed that any British spy movie is not what it is unless Michael Caine’s in it.) So, it’s everything an action spy movie should have.

Colin’s portrayal of Harry Hart was a perfect (of course… I might be bias but meh. It’s Colin Firth!).  He not only exudes the suave persona of a Kingsman; but also, in my opinion, the father-like role to Eggsy.  It’s not difficult to see why Eggsy’s character grew attached to him after a while.  Having lost his father at a young age, Eggsy didn’t have a proper father figure in his life so with the appearance of Harry, he is able to fill the void left open for many years.

“Wear a suit and you’ll look gorgeous no matter the age.” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Now, the violence for this film was pretty okay for me.  But for my mom, it went off the charts.  I was actually quite surprised they’d have the split in two scene so visible and in-my-face.  It took me a while to get over it.  But as the movie progresses, I found the violence and graphic pretty okay; given the context of the film.  My favorite scene had to be of Colin Firth’s character in the church where they all broke out into a ‘kill or be killed’ fight.  Yes, the context was wrong but you have to admit that Colin’s moves were pretty kick-ass.  Taron’s character in the last few scenes were pretty kick-ass too.  Although, I do think the slo-mo direction helped quite a bit in making the action look so good.

The one problem I have with this film was the missing back story of Gazelle, the girl with 2 sword-like thing for legs.  It would have been nice to see how she got that pair of legs and how she ended up working for Valentine.  Being a pretty dangerous (and kinda awesome) character, it was quite disappointing to not have known her origin.

All in all, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a must-watch.  I do not promote violence but this is a heck of an action-packed movie very worth watching.  Plus, cute little puppies are in it and they don’t get killed, which promotes loving your puppies over killing them just to get a job (you’ll understand once you catch the movie).




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