Frozen Fever Review: It’s still magical!


Frozen Fever is a short film based off the movie, Frozen.  Centering around the simple story line of a perfect birthday party for Anna, the creators and cast of Frozen have done it again; introducing a new song (and new dresses), to the audience in the process.

Making Today a Perfect Day is the new song introduced in the short film.  Despite it not being as iconic as Let It Go, it still is catchy and after a few listens to it, I’m sure kids and adults alike will be making a new video in their car.

Being a fan of Frozen, I was absolutely delighted with this short film.  It was short and to the point, including two factors we loved so much from the film – song and the beautiful relationship between two sisters.  Having a sister of my own, I absolutely love the relationship between Anna and Elsa.  Having not been there for her sister (conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know), Elsa felt that it was her responsibility to make it up to Anna with the perfect birthday party.  But in doing so, Elsa neglects her own health, coming down with a flu.  And even with all the gifts Elsa prepared, Anna still prefers the one she gets later – the opportunity to take care of Elsa.

It’s suffice enough to say that I can’t wait for the Frozen sequel because, sorry people of the world, I’m not ready to Let It Go.




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