Digging Up The Marrow Review: Hit and Miss

I’ve not seen any of Adam Green’s films before but after watching this documentary-like horror film, I must say that I most definitely will be interested in catching up with the others he’s done.

Digging Up The Marrow follows Adam Green in the form of a documentary where he explores the story he received from a fan about the possibility of real monsters existing.  As he goes on this adventure with his cameraman and this fan, William Dekker (Ray Wise), he is brought to question if what he was seeing was real or a figment of imagination from a delusional fan.

“It’s real! There are monsters out there!” Source: ArieScope Pictures

Featuring artwork from Alex Pardee, I thought that this film was good and it kept you glued to the screen all the way till the end (especially when the last twenty minutes gave me all sorts of panic attacks).  I found that the idea of monsters and them existing was an imaginative one.  Adam explored the idea of the origin of monsters which to me was something I have never thought about.  It’s common sense to think that even if we all know and fear monsters, they are bound to have come from somewhere; given an origin story.  So, when the film shows William Dekker explaining his theory of who this monsters could be, it struck me as an actual possibility.

Alex Pardee’s artwork was fantastic and detailed.  I’ve always thought that monsters were the usual sharp fangs, tall, ghastly looking creatures but in Alex’s artwork, I see intricate details of the monsters; some with everyday items as part of the monster’s get-up.  I particularly liked the artwork of ‘Vance’ and when they brought him to live – man, it was scary.  ‘Brella’ was another interesting artwork as well, using an umbrella as part of the monster’s look.

Despite all that, this film isn’t one of the best horror films I’ve seen.  It was a little draggy at parts but the jump scares were great.  All in all, Digging Up The Marrow is a film to catch if you’re interested in the concept.  If not, best to give this a miss.




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