Home Review: An under-rated animation


This film has got to be one of the cutest I’ve seen in a long time.

Home tells the story of a species of alien, the Boov and their move to planet Earth after being chased by their nemesis, the Gorg. Upon their arrival to planet Earth, all humans were relocated to make space for the Boovs. Oh (Jim Parsons), is a unique Boov who behaves differently from his fellow counterparts. Having just moved in to his new home, Oh decides to throw a party, hoping to bring his neighbors together and make more friends. Unfortunately for him, no one liked having his company so he decided to take a step further by going to see his best friend, Kyle (Matt Jones), to invite him over to the party. Since Kyle was busy with directing traffic, Oh thought to send him an invite to remind him. With a touch of the wrong button, Oh made a mistake of sending his message to everyone, including the Gorgs. Because of this, Captain Smek (Steve Martin) immediately issues an order to arrest Oh so that they can stop the message from being sent – turning Oh into a fugitive.

“Let’s be best friends!” Source: Dreamworks Animation

With no where else to run, Oh seeks shelter in a convenience store where he meets Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci (Rihanna). She was on a quest to find her mother who got separated from her during the relocation exercise the Boovs had implemented. The two formed a partnership (despite reluctance from Tip) and worked together to bring Tip back to her mother, Lucy (Jennifer Lopez). The two go through many trials of trust and eventually form a bond that pushes Oh to try new things even when his DNA tells him differently.

Home is an animation that puts together a brilliant cast and adorable drawing, giving the voice actors great comic timing while not losing the heart of the story. Jim Parsons as the voice of Oh couldn’t have been more perfect. I’d like to think that Oh is like Sheldon but with emotions. Rihanna’s voice as a young girl was quite okay and I liked how despite this being her first time voicing a character, she was able to capture the emotions needed for a girl who lost her mom. Steve Martin was definitely my favorite since his comic timing was impeccable and I could almost imagine Steve moving around as Captain Smek.

“I’m too cute to be bad!” Source: Dreamworks Animation

What I love most about this film is the heart in the story (which made me tear up ALOT). In most ways, I think we are all like Boovs. We follow certain rules of society because we believe it is the right way to do so and we often only cared about our welfare above others. Oh was a lot like this. He had his quirks and might have been the odd Boov around but he still conformed to what his species had been taught. Despite learning what it means to be brave and the meaning of caring for someone, he still couldn’t shake off the habit of running away and putting himself first. But after realizing that he had broken the promise he made to Tip and losing the friend he made, he decides to put her first and returned to help reunite Tip with her mother and stopping the Gorg from destroying the planet.

All in all, Home is a must-watch animation. It tells a simple story that tugs at the heart strings. Kudos, Dreamworks!




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