Pitch Perfect 2 Review: Aca-tastic!


I had been waiting a long time for this sequel and I had been counting down the days since the trailer came out.

Pitch Perfect 2 brings the Barden Bellas back on-screen once again on the road to redemption after getting suspended by the National A Capella Association, following their unfortunate accident with Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) at the Kennedy Center while performing for the president of the United States. Because of that, the Barden Bellas were to be taken off their victory tour and be replaced by Das Sound Machine, a German acapella group. Feeling unfairly treated for an accident that occurred, Becca (Anna Kendrick) asked if they could be reinstated if they went to compete at a world acapella competition and came back champions. Thinking it was a joke, John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks) told them that they would accept that condition only if they truly succeeded.

“SLUMBER PARTY!” Source: Universal Pictures

With this new goal in mind, the Barden Bellas set out to overturn the suspension ruling they got. While Chloe (Brittany Snow) starts giving out advice to everyone on how to stay focused on winning the world championships, Becca gets a call from a music studio who tells her that she had been selected for the internship with them. She accepts the offer and decides to keep the news to herself as she juggles with focusing on her internship and the upcoming championships. At this point, the Bellas had gained a new member, Emily (Hailee Steinfield), who was the daughter of a legacy Bella, Katherine Junk (Katey Segal).

The first thing that the Bellas had to do was scope out their competition. So, they decided to head to a car show where Das Sound Machine had replaced them as the performers. Seeing how good their competition was gave them the determination to match the standards that Das Sound Machine were at. Unfortunately for them, each time they tried to face off with the German group, they would always lose. Thinking that they needed a team building session, Chloe suggested they take a retreat. Together, the girls head off to a retreat run by a previous member of the Bellas, Aubrey (Anna Camp). As they went through different bonding activities while harmonizing as a group, Becca started to feel the pressure of keeping her internship a secret. She eventually snaps and attempts to walk away from the Bellas when she gets caught in a bear trap. Chloe takes the opportunity to taunt her a little to express the betrayal she felt. But it was cut short when the branch holding Becca’s weight attempted to break. Eventually, they managed to free Becca with the help of Lilly (Hana Mae Lee). The Bellas eventually mended their relationship with each other; finding the special thing about them that made them a successful acapella group.

With the sound that they’ve found again, the Bellas head to Copenhagen to win the world championships.

“So here we are. The second film.” Source: Universal Pictures

Needless to say, I really enjoyed Pitch Perfect 2. I felt that it had a simple storyline with adequate amounts of heart, songs and laughs. It was nice to see that they gave it a rounded ending (hopefully) to the Pitch Perfect franchise.

Despite it being a movie made for entertainment, I felt that there were parts in the film that related to real life situations young adults face today.

1. Passion does not always equal dream job
This would be the scene where Becca asks the music producer what he thought of her demos. Since she had the passion for the industry, she was looking forward to the producer giving her compliments. But instead, he tells her that her mash-ups were good but not what he was looking for. He goes on to explain that what she can do is what the other people in the studio can do too. He wanted to see something that he hadn’t seen before that had something special.

In reality, we often think that having passion alone can get us the dream job we want. But more often than not, what we do out of interest and love are not what people are looking for. Plenty of people have interests that are similar to ours but what about our interest makes us stand out? Having a passion for the position doesn’t always entitle you to it. A dream job is something that we get it we’re lucky.

2. We all have to grow up eventually
Becca’s breakdown during the Bellas’ retreat kinda shows what we all struggle with during the end of our college years. Despite having fun and enjoying our time with friends, the realization of leaving school life hits us. We all have to graduate eventually and setting up life after college is important. Everyone wants to leave in the ‘now’ without worries but reality doesn’t work that way. Paths need to be set to ensure a good future. I used to hate people telling me to plan for the future but ever since I graduated, I now understand how important it is.

“We are like definitely the best-looking couple in this film.” Source: Universal Pictures

The songs in this film were definitely catchy and well-mashed. I was pretty much bobbing to the beat while mouthing the words to the songs throughout the movie. ‘Flashlight’ especially, grew on me as the movie ended.

Despite being able to sing, I felt that the character Hailee portrayed was tailor-made for her. She not only embodied the freshman persona but she had pretty good chemistry with the rest of the cast. But of course, no one can beat Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson who portray my two favorite characters – Bumper and Fat Amy. Both of them had impeccable comic-timing which kinda gave them the ultimate spotlight – especially with their rendition of Pat Benatar’s ‘We Belong’.

All in all, Pitch Perfect 2 is an aca-awesome film and even if you haven’t caught the first one before, you can still enjoy it. I do hope that this will be the last Pitch Perfect that they do.. I mean… Where else can they compete now that they’re the world acapella group champion?

So, dear Hollywood… Please leave this franchise alone. Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 are good as a pair… Let it stay that way.




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  1. I like those broader lessons you took from it. It was a movie that made me laugh. Can’t ask much more than that from a comedy. I love Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. Just hilarious.

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