Tomorrowland Review: Disney takes you on a journey


I just came home from an evening screening of Tomorrowland and I gotta say.. Stepping into the cinema made me a little anxious.  I did a movie review search the night before and had been swayed from thinking it be a good movie to thinking it was gonna blow.  But after watching the film, I have to say… I actually thought it was pretty good.

Contrary to popular belief, Tomorrowland isn’t based off the Disney World / Disneyland attraction of the same name.  Instead, it is about a place in another dimension where nothing is impossible.  With Tomorrowland as the centrepiece, Frank Walker (George Clooney) and Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) are brought together by an Audio Animatronic, Athena (Raffey Cassidy) to find a solution to stop the world from ending.  Having been previously exiled by Governor Nix (Hugh Laurie) from Tomorrowland and hurt by Athena, Frank was hesitant to join the crusade.  But, having seen something that ultimately swayed him into changing his mind, he agrees to go back.  Together, they try to change Governor Nix’s mind with the hope of changing the world’s destiny.

“I’m pretty sure I had more than this when I came in.” Source: Walt Disney Pictures

For a young age of 13, Raffey definitely had some huge shoes to fill.  Her character embodied so much maturity and properness but yet kept the innocence that Raffey naturally has.  Having to have some sort of unresolved feelings with George Clooney was definitely not an easy feat but she does it so naturally that you could almost believe that she was some sort of human animatronic that cheated George’s feelings.  Britt Robertson was another natural as I could easily imagine her being this way in real life.  Her optimism really rubbed off on me and I left the theatre with a new found perspective.  But the surprising star of this show for me was none other then Mr Tim McGraw.  As soon as he appeared on screen, I started to have an internal debate.  I knew I found him familiar but could it be?  I resisted all urges to whip out my phone to confirm.  So when the credits finally rolled and I saw ‘Tim McGraw’, I was like ‘Damn! Tim don’t just sing ’em Country songs… He can act too!’  And a pretty good one if I might say so.

“I’m good looking no matter what character I play!” Source: Walt Disney Pictures

So, unlike other viewers, I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  I honestly couldn’t see any bad moments.  Sure – Maybe the duration of the movie is too long.  But I felt it was necessary to ensure the full understanding of the film.  Yes, there was not much action as one would expect but the visuals and funny dialogues made up for it.  I mean… The chemistry between the actors were pretty good.  I could really see the banter happening like as if it were just them being themselves off camera.  To me, Tomorrowland was much more then a film.  It had an underlying message that was waiting for the audience to pick up on.

I think others might disagree with me but when Hugh Laurie’s character was explaining himself with regards to his selfish decision to keep Tomorrowland from others, I couldn’t help but agree with him.

“Hiding in the bathtub is effective during times like these!” Source: Walt Disney Pictures

His character stating his fear for the people living on Earth, ruining the sanctuary he had built away from them was kinda justified.  Yes, he was selfish but he was only doing it because he knows what will happen when the bad kind of people discover the monetary potential in living there.   And Tomorrowland will have a fate that is exactly like Earth’s.

Of course I don’t entirely agree with his assumption that all humans have selfish intentions.  Not all of us only care about ourselves.  Not all of us value wealth and power over good values and morals.  Not all of us watch disaster films and continue to live the way we do – bringing us one step closer to the same ending of ‘2012’.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Tomorrowland? Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Unfortunately, we do live in a world where instead of finding a solution to a problem or trying to stop a situation from escalating further, we begin to fascinate ourselves with the probability of it happening.  Climate Change is an issue that we have yet to tackle.  Our non-stop fascination with the end of the world can be seen through Hollywood constantly churning out disaster flicks to do with natural disasters; even when the signs are present in real life.  We all fail to realize that all of these problems can be somehow lessened or curbed if only we did something TODAY.  We are all so preoccupied with ourselves that knowing the outcome has sort of made us find ways to survive the disaster as oppose to preventing it.

All in all, Tomorrowland is a visually-stunning, entertaining and pretty impactful film which I encourage everyone to watch.  It tells you to continue dreaming of a better and brighter future because it can happen if you let it.  Dreamers have to stick together and we are all dreamers in our own little way.  If we worked together, doing our little part here and there, we’re already saving our own world.

Don’t fix it tomorrow; fix it today.




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