The Last Five Years Review: Just proves relationship is a two-way street

Based off the musical of the same name, The Last Five Years is a musical film that focuses on the breakdown of a relationship between Jamie (Jeremy Jordan) and Cathy (Anna Kendrick) over the course of the five years they’ve been together.

Having not seen the musical, I started off a little confused with the jumps in time during the film.  There were scenes that showed a seemingly young Jamie after a scene that showed the two of them together in 2013.  Nonetheless, I eventually caught up and realized that the difference in time during the scenes were memories from Jamie and Cathy respectively.  Songs sung by Cathy showed scenes that progressed from the present to the past and songs sung by Jamie showed scenes that progressed from the past to the present.  Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan couldn’t be more perfect for their roles as the young couple.  Their voices coupled with the emotions they express through the ups and downs of the relationship between the two characters were just gold.

“I can smell that Tony!” Source: Lucky Monkey Pictures, Grand Peaks Entertainment

As the movie progressed, it was interesting to see how a couple’s relationship eventually broke down after the first 2 years of being together.  They were happy and so in love but as Jamie’s career took flight, Cathy was left trailing behind, struggling to make her mark.  It was the classic tale of two people falling in love too fast who eventually realize that love isn’t the only factor that keeps a couple together.

I felt that both characters had a lot of unresolved issues that they needed to address.  Unfortunately, with both of them behaving in a way where they want the other to guess the problem, they never got to even try solving their issues.  Jamie, to me, was never sensitive to how Cathy was feeling.  Despite being successful, he never stopped to see that his wife was falling behind.  She wanted to be as successful as he was but she never got a shot.  

“We’ll find a way to get through this before I leave to film Supergirl.” Source: Lucky Monkey Pictures, Grand Peaks Entertainment.

The part that struck me the most was the part where Jamie expresses his frustration with Cathy who he feels was always being difficult and not supportive when they had to go to his work function; which to me was the direct opposite.  Cathy was always there supporting him whenever he needed her to but he was never there when she needed him.  In truth, I actually felt that Jamie loved the idea of Cathy as a trophy wife but Cathy loved him as just Jamie – the man that swept her off her feet.

Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan couldn’t be more perfect for their roles.

The Last Five Years is easily one of my favorite musical movies I’ve watched thus far because of the catchy songs and the simple but effective storyline.  Now I’m only waiting for the adaption of Wicked to grace the screen.




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