Minions Review: They finally get their own movie


This has got to be the cutest of the Despicable Me franchise.

Minions tells the story of these single-celled yellow organisms who have been evolving since the dawn of time.  Minions live to serve but they often find themselves serving masters for a short time.  From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Dracula to Napoleon, the Minions eventually find themselves without a master.  With no one to serve, the Minions fall into a deep depression, losing their zest for life.  Deciding that they could no longer wait around in misery, Kevin (Pierre Coffin) decides to embark on a quest to find them a new master.  Stuart and Bob (Pierre Coffin) volunteers and the trio begin their search for a new evil master.  They eventually meet Madge Nelson (Allison Janney), Walter Nelson (Michael Keaton) and their family of robbers who were headed for Villian Con.  There, the minions meet Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock), who becomes their master with her husband, Herb (Jon Hamm).

“Presenting His Royal Highness, King Minion!” Source: Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures

But all’s well doesn’t end well when their plan to help Scarlet steal the Queen’s crown turns into Bob becoming the new king.  Feeling betrayed, Scarlet embarks on her mission to destroy the minions.  Her plan fails again and the minions save the day with the Queen reinstated.  Scarlet had one more trick up her sleeve and was just about to get away with the crown when a young Gru (Steve Carrell) foils her plan with his Freeze Ray.  Young Gru sees the minions and instantly has a connection with them.  Knowing that they’ve finally found the master they’ve been looking for, the minions follow after Young Gru.

I really enjoyed this movie because it has a lot of laughs and basically takes you away from reality for a while.  Granted even if it does not have much of a storyline, it still manages to explain where the Minions came from and how they ended up with Gru.  I went into the cinema thinking that they were not going to cover that part because I thought it was just going to be about their life before Gru.  So it was a nice surprise when they added a young Gru in.  It was also nice to see how Gru actually had a ‘love at first sight’ thing with the minions which made him accept them almost immediately.

“We’re heading to Universal Orlando.” Source: Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures

Sandra Bullock as the voice of Scarlet Overkill was just perfect.  You could almost imagine her performing the actions her character was doing.  I almost couldn’t recognize Jon Hamm’s voice because he made it sound quite different for his character and it matched the personality of his character.  Allison and Michael both brought their own take of personalities for their character and really made it their own; which was a real bonus.

All in all, Minions is a really fun and enjoyable movie that both kids and adults can appreciate.  Laughs are guaranteed and you will definitely not be disappointed!




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