Event: AMC Special – Fear The Contagious


So, this was an event I attended last Tuesday on behalf of a website.  I know, I know.  This should have probably gone up before the premiere date of Fear The Walking Dead, but better late than never, right?

What started off as an innocent viewing event on a Tuesday night turned into a full-on start of a Walking Dead nightmare, when the dark surroundings of our cinema suddenly flooded with bright lights.  The large movie screen before us was no longer showing us promo clips of shows available on AMC.  Instead, a bio-hazard sign among the words, ‘WARNING CONTAINMENT AREA’, had taken its place.

You would have expected panic to run through the theatre but, everyone in the venue were Walking Dead fans so in place of that emotion was excitement.  As for me, I was both excited and slightly terrified at what AMC had in store for us.  Was there going to be a stray Walker gracing us with its presence?  Or were we all going to be subject to a decontamination shower?  The latter was definitely not the favorable outcome and I definitely do not want to experience that.  The questions in my head were finally put to rest when I noticed four men in yellow hazmat suits enter through the right and left doors before sealing them shut.

An announcement comes on informing everyone that they may have been infected as they entered the theatre.  The stamp they had given us on the back of our right wrist had been infected with a virus.  To ensure the virus doesn’t infect the entire country, we were confined in the theatre for a check.  That’s when the men in the hazmat suits come in.  Armed with a UV light each, they start doing a check on every single person, row by row.  If there were small dots located around the stamp area, that person might be infected.  As the friendly man in the hazmat suit approached me next after clearing my friend of any sign of infection, I was expecting mine to be a quick check.  ‘Lucky’ for me, when the UV light shone upon my stamp, three small dots said hi.  I obviously wasn’t sure what was going to happen because they did say these people were going to be dealt with accordingly.  Sure, I shouldn’t be scared as it wasn’t real. But what if it was?  I don’t like being a rule-breaker so I’ve never experienced the ‘dealt with accordingly’ part before.

So, what was I to expect from this?

Calmly, Mr Friendly-Yellow-Hazmat asked, “Ma’am, have you been overseas recently?”

I wanted to say, ‘Yes, I’ve been to Georgia to visit my friend, Rick. You might have heard of him?’ But not knowing the eventual outcome of this, I decided not to be a smart ass and said, “No.”

To which he asked, “Are you okay? Do you feel unwell?”

I merely shook my head and said, “No.”

He gave me a once-over and nodded slowly before moving on to the next person.  If that had been a real life situation, I would have been sweating like a pig and exclaiming, ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I’m going to turn! I’m going to turn into a Walker!’  There were a couple of other people playing along, pretending to be sick but knowing it wasn’t real probably added to their ability to make it a joke.

But when it comes down to it, would you really be laughing or faking sick in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Once the rows have all been checked, the men in yellow headed back down to the doors as the brightly-lit theatre turned dark and the silent screen came back to life.  A clip played, telling us that instead of showing us what it was like to experience fear, they wanted to let us physically experience it.  Cue a video footage showing us a group of people who went through the theatre doors just like us before taking their seats.  Unfortunately for them, they had no idea what they were in for.  As soon as the friendly hazmat dudes appeared, panic ensued.  There were people getting out of their seats heading towards the sealed doors; even when they were told to stay in their seats.  Fear was literally written all over their face.  Eventually a mob started charging the doors and that’s when the whole experience was over.  Relief washed over their faces as they realized just what they had been a part of.   The footage changes and everyone in our theatre were told that we had just gone through the Fear Experience as well.  Everyone clapped; thankful for AMC giving us this experience and also thankful we were not one of the unsuspecting viewers from the footage.

Aside from the Fear Experience, which wanted us to understand what fear being a contagious emotion meant; we were also there to view exclusive clips from Fear The Walking Dead.  Most of which were 30-60 second snippets from the show including messages from Robert Kirkman.  A four to five minute long featurette with interviews from the cast was shown as well, where they further explained the idea behind Fear The Walking Dead.

Explained by the producers of the show, Fear The Walking Dead is very much a prequel to The Walking Dead because it is set in the few years between the time Rick Grimes went into a coma and when he got out of it.  The producers wanted to show viewers that the characters from The Walking Dead didn’t just acquired their skills overnight.  They had gone through a long and arduous process that eventually made them who they are in The Walking Dead.  The Walkers that we see in The Walking Dead also don’t just look like they do – with skin and limbs missing with bones broken in impossible ways.  In fact, in Fear The Walking Dead, they look very much like ordinary people but just with terrible walking abilities.  A fair amount of years had changed the way they look, which gives them the rotting look that we see in The Walking Dead.

I liked that they came up with this prequel because I don’t think I’ll be able to master Michonne’s bad-ass Katana swinging skills overnight.  It not only makes it more relatable but it sets us thinking – what if this scenario isn’t too far off?  We have a middle-income family staying in a highly-populated city with real day-to-day problems that they are trying to overcome.  To make matters worse, a pandemic breaks out and no one knows what is going on.  The police and government officials alike suddenly start tightening up the information being released and soon, everyone is at risk.

Sounds very much like a possible scenario in today’s society, right?

Needless to say, like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead is going to be another exciting series to catch.  Because of the time difference (living half-way around the world here), I am stuck at work unable to watch the first episode.  But I can tell you that I am excited to catch it when I get home tonight.  This is an added bonus for me as I countdown to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando where I get to face the Walkers from The Walking Dead!

So, here’s a toast to Robert Kirkman for bringing his genius creations to us and creating another likely scenario where our world might end with a Zombie Apocalypse!  We couldn’t have imagined it without you!


Random Friday Ramblings: 2.45AM

She rubbed her eyes once, letting the short relief of closing her eyes wash over her.  After having stared at the screen for a good four hours working on her next story that was due the next day, she knew she needed to take a break or she’d suffer temporary blindness.

Getting up from her desk, she walked over to the kitchen where she poured herself a cup of cold coffee.  Taking a sip, she cringed; forgetting that the coffee was steaming hot three hours ago but had now turned into stale tasting, cold coffee.  She took another sip before pouring the rest of it from her cup into the sink.  She had another one-third of a story to finish and cold coffee wasn’t going to help her.  She threw out the rest of the coffee in her jug before proceeding to prepare a fresh pot.  This time, she was going to make sure the pot accompanied her at her desk.

Having sometime on her hands before the coffee was ready, she walked over to her couch where she switched on the television.  She flipped the channels until she found AMC.  They were replaying an episode of The Walking Dead.  Sweet.  She was just about to get comfortable when the phone rang.  She reached over to the side table and picked up the phone.


She waited a few seconds for the person on the other end to answer.  But there was no response.


She waited again, this time checking the clock on her wall to see what time it was.  2.45am.  Who would be calling her this late?  Feeling slightly annoyed, she decided not to be patient anymore.

“Whoever this is, listen carefully. It is lame to prank call someone at an hour that clearly doesn’t bother them. So, your plan failed. Good-bye.”

Just as she was about to move the receiver away from her ear, she heard a voice on the other end.

“Hello? Please don’t put down the phone.”

She frowned as she moved the receiver back to her ear.

“Who is this?”

“My name is Darius. I can’t remember how I got this number but please don’t put down the phone. I am not a prank caller.”

“Okay… Wait. Are you in danger?”


“Yeah. Like the movie with Kim Basinger and Chris Evans?”

“Oh… Right. Cellular.”

“Yes! That! You’ve seen the movie?”

“Yeah. But no, this isn’t the same situation. No one has kidnapped me.”

“Right. So you have no idea why you’re calling a stranger at 2.45am in the morning and it so happens it is a lady on the other line?”

“Would you believe me if I said I can’t remember?”

“Well, no. Obviously. For all I know, you’re a part of an elaborate plan my sister put together.”

“Your sister?”


Hearing the click of her coffee pot, she stood up.  She brought her phone into the kitchen as she readied her fresh cup of coffee.

“But you’re still not putting down the phone.”

She smiled to herself.

“Well, Darius, I must say.. I’m intrigued by this call. I am a journalist you know.”

“Journalist, huh? Which paper do you write for?”

“The New York Times. You might have read my articles. I’m Eleanor Tyring.”

“Tyring.. Interesting. I know a Tyring. Lizzie Tyring.”

“Lizzie? That’s my sister!”

“Oh! That’s a coincidence. I don’t recall her telling me she had a sister…”

“She tends to leave me out of conversations because I don’t want her hooking me up with one of her friends.”

“People like me.”

“Yes, people like you.”

“Yet you’re still on the phone with me.”

“Well, like I said. I’m a journalist. If you turn out to be a creep, it would make for a good feature story.”

She hears his throaty chuckle and unknowingly smiled.

“Listen, I have to go now. Thank you for not hanging up on me.”

“You’re welcome?”

She hears another chuckle before the line went dead.  Eleanor moved the receiver away from her ear and held it in her hand as she looked at it.  That was such a strange phone call.  She thought about those reports where people tend to have their transmissions crossed and end up speaking with someone they have never met.  Perhaps this was one of those incidents. Maybe he was a Marine trying to call home but ended up in a phone conversation with her.  She shrugged and put the cordless phone back into its receiver before heading back into the kitchen to carry the pot and cup of coffee with her to her desk.

“Wake up, sleepyhead.”

Eleanor jolted awake at the sudden sound of her sister’s voice.  She looked around and realized that she had fallen asleep on her desk.  Her gaze landed on the computer screen in front of her which showed her that her story had been sent off to her editor.  She sighed with relief, glad that she has one less thing to worry about.

Her sister stood next to her. “You slept at your desk again.”

Eleanor looked at her sister. “You let yourself into my apartment again.”

Lizzie rolled her eyes and moved to pick up the coffee pot and cup that was on Eleanor’s desk before walking to the kitchen.  Remembering last night’s mysterious phone call, Eleanor decided to ask her sister about it.

“Hey Lizzie…” Eleanor said.

Her sister put the pot and cup into the sink before turning to look at her. “Yeah?”

“I was wondering… Do you have a friend named Darius?” Eleanor asked.
“Yeah… I did.” Lizzie replied.
“You said ‘did’.. What do you mean by that?” Eleanor said.

Lizzie sighed. “He passed away last year on this date. Don’t you remember? He was the one I tried to set you up with.”

Eleanor frowned. “Set me up with?”

“He was Mitchell’s friend. We figured it would be nice for the two of you to hang out. He was into the things you liked. We gave him your number before we left.” Lizzie said. “After that… One of those long-haul trucks collided with Darius’ car and he died on the spot.”

Eleanor stepped back, her head whirling.  Now that her sister’s told her about Darius, the mysterious phone call wasn’t what she thought it was anymore.

“What-What time did the accident happen?” Eleanor asked.

Lizzie thought for a bit. “Oh, 2.45am.”

Eleanor felt light-headed and held onto the kitchen counter to stop herself from falling onto the ground.  Lizzie touched her sister’s shoulder. “Are you okay?”

She didn’t know what to tell her sister.  So she merely nodded before moving towards the couch.  She sat down and looked at the phone on the side table.

Did she really talk with Darius’ spirit last night?

Fantastic Four (2015) Review: Still horrible


Fantastic Four is based off the comic superheroes of the same name and tells the story of their origin.  Reed Richards (Miles Teller), is a child genius that has been working on his version of a teleporter since 5th grade.  Together with his classmate and eventual best friend, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), they work together to perfect the teleporter.

During his high school Science Fair, the perfected teleporter was submitted and although it worked, the teachers decide to disqualify the entry on account of it being more magic than science.  Fortunately for Reed, he meets Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), and his adopted daughter, Sue Storm (Kate Mara), who shared their interest in Reed’s invention.  Their idea was similar to his only it was a life-sized version.  Franklin then offers Reed a full scholarship and opportunity to work on the project while getting an education at Baxter.

“You sure this film’s going to do great with the fans?” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment

There, Reed gets introduced to Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) – the original creator of the life-sized Quantum Gate; who re-joined the project after having kicked out of Baxter.  Franklin’s biological son, Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), eventually joins the project reluctantly after an accident in a street race left him with his car privileges revoked.  Together, they work tirelessly to finish the Quantum Gate.

Upon the succession of the Quantum Gate’s test, the people who funded the project decided to share their data and expertise with NASA, who will then begin on the human trial portion of the test.  The decision was made despite protests from the team who designed and made the Quantum Gate.  During a drunken stupor, Reed suggests that the he, Victor, Johnny and his best friend, Ben, do the testing first.  Since they were the ones who made the Quantum Gate, they should be the first to leave their footprints.  Fueled by the curiosity and perhaps alcohol, Reed calls Ben and the four get ready to embark on their mission without Franklin’s approval.  Luckily for them, Sue had been working late into the night and when she spots the boys heading into the Quantum Gate, she hurries to the lab to stop them but was too late – they had successfully launched themselves into the alternate universe.

No matter how cool this looks, it still can’t save the film. Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment

The boys arrive in one piece in the alternate universe and decided to explore the lands a little while Sue observes them from the other side.  Entranced by the yellow sort of liquid that ran between the cracks, Reed and Victor both decide to climb down to the heart of it.  Unwilling to climb down a seemingly steep side of a cliff, Johnny offers to stay where he was as their anchor.  Ben, Reed and Victor made their way down and tracked over to the pool of yellow liquid.  With curiosity clouding his mind, Victor reaches down to touch it; immersing his palm fully into the liquid.  Within a few seconds, chaos ensued and the boys rush to climb back up to where Johnny was.  Ben and Reed just about made it to safety when Victor gets pulled away from them by the liquid.  Not being able to do anything else, the boys hurry back into the Quantum Gate where Sue had visual on them.  Seeing the boys all frantic, she starts to panic as she tries to manually bring them home.  She only just managed to succeed when the boys each encounter a certain mishap.  The Quantum Gate barely makes it back, with the force blowing Sue right out of her seat.

Gaining consciousness first, Reed finds the lab in ruins.  He feels a pressure on his legs and turns to see his leg trapped under a piece of debris.  Despite his own injuries, he hears Ben calling for help and doesn’t hesitate twice to try and make his way over to him.  As he crawls towards Ben, he sees Johnny’s flaming body and could only hope that the worse had not befallen on his best friend.  As he reaches a pile of debris, he hears Ben call for help again.  Figuring he needed to stand up properly to assist his friend, Reed turns around to find that his legs had been stretched far beyond his imagination.  Freaked out by the discovery, Reed passed out.

“How to fix the film and make it better?” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment

The next time Reed regains consciousness, he finds himself stuck to a bed where his arms and legs were outstretched, like they were made of rubber.  He sees people around him and starts asking about Ben.  But instead of answering him properly, they try to calm him down.  When that didn’t work, they proceeded to sedate him, sending him back to sleep.  Reed eventually wakes up later to Ben’s voice calling out for him.  Motivated by the need to locate his friend, Reed tries his hardest to regain his limbs to the normal length before getting out of bed.  Crawling through the air vents, Reed makes his way to where Ben was but instead of seeing his friend strapped to a bed like he was, he sees and hears his friend as part of a pile of rocks.  Frightened by the sound of the alarm and announcement that he has escaped, Reed has no choice but to leave Ben behind – telling him that he will come back for him.

A year passed and Reed never came back.  Ben, Sue and Johnny had come under the Government’s care and were learning to control the new abilities they had.  Unlike the others, Ben was instantly contracted to help assist the military on missions since he had a rock-like exterior that virtually rendered him injury-free.  Sue had gained the power of invisibility and the ability to create force-fields, while Johnny had gained the ability to control all things fire.  Sue takes her time to adapt to her abilities, knowing that this was all a ploy for them to be a new military weapon.  She shared her concerns with Johnny who only took that as a motivation for him to get deployed sooner.  To avoid his children becoming weapons of warfare, Franklin continues to help work on the new Quantum Gate – to find a cure for them.  Knowing that he cannot finish the Gate without Reed, he enlists Sue to help locate him.  She eventually tracks him down through his behavioral pattern and a team, with Ben, was assembled to bring him in.

“The other version of me looked closer to the comics!” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment

Reluctantly, Reed helps to fix the errors with the Gate and when it was ready, a team was sent over to collect geological samples from the alternate universe.  Before they could start collecting samples, they see someone walking towards them and after learning from the Reed that it was Victor, they hurriedly sent for him to be brought back home.  They thought that bringing him home would help them understand the alternate universe better but having his own ideals about Earth, Victor sought to destroy humanity so that his alternate universe can continue to survive without threat.  Victor escapes from his room and begins to kill anyone he encounters as he made his way towards the Quantum Gate.  He eventually comes face to face with Franklin who tried to talk to him but Victor didn’t want to listen and ended up killing Franklin, just as Sue, Johnny, Ben and Reed came into the lab.  Together, they try to stop Victor from entering the Quantum Gate but ended up failing.

Victor returns to the alternate universe where he begins a process to destroy the human race.  Seeing their opportunity to slip in, the four of them enter the newly made portal to stop Victor.  Using their new abilities against him individually wasn’t enough to defeat Victor so, Reed tells the others that by joining forces they might stand a chance.  Together, the four of them successfully stopped Victor and closed the portal to the alternate universe – not without some damage done to Earth already.

The four of them get recognized for their bravery and efforts in helping stop Victor.  So, as a condition set by them, the Government gives them their own lab in exchange for future aid as the Fantastic Four.

“Black is the new Blue, okay?!” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment

So, I contemplated really hard about watching this film because of all the bad things I’ve been hearing.  This film was sort of set out to fail from the beginning because of the lot of negative comments, articles and reviews.  It’s suffice to say that all those negativity made me lower my expectations a lot when I finally decided to give this film a go.

To be really honest, I didn’t think the film was all that bad.  As it was supposed to be a film about the origin of the characters, I didn’t really expect to see much action – which I really didn’t get to see in this film.  However, as the Fantastic Four are Marvel characters, I did expect the due quality of a Marvel film. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  In turn, the film was concentrating so much on the telling of a story that the action at the end became a rushed, stunted experience.  Victor Von Doom wasn’t given the screen time he deserved as Doctor Doom and the action sequence at the end just felt like a filler that was put in because they just remembered it was a superhero movie.  It was very weak compared to action sequences from X-Men; which is also a Fox studios production.

“Oh man.. The film was that bad, huh?” Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment

As a Marvel fan, I agree that Fox does not give the Fantastic Four the due credit and respect they deserve.  I generally had no issues with the casting and in fact think that if Marvel had taken over this production, these actors would have gotten great chances to shine as the characters.  I liked Kate Mara as Sue Storm as opposed to Fox’s previous casting of Jessica Alba.  I just felt that somehow, Kate didn’t look like a fragile woman as compared to how Jessica played Sue (sorry, Jessica! I still think you’re awesome!).

As a general movie-goer, I thought that this film was okay.  The somewhat funny dialogues and reactions from the actors made for passable viewing.

All in all, I didn’t like it or hate it.  My feelings are neutral when it comes to this film… Although I did regret paying $13 for a ticket to this film.  So, if you are looking for a good superhero film, Fantastic Four isn’t for you.  But, if you’re a displeased Marvel fan interested in watching a poorly-made franchise film just for laughs, this would be perfect for you.  Either way, just remember one thing – Don’t sit till the end. This ain’t a Marvel film.



Paper Towns Review: Chasing an illusion

Paper Towns is based off the John Green book of the same name about a boy named Quentin ‘Q’ Jacobsen (Nat Wolff) and his quest to find Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne), who went missing.  Along with his best friends Ben (Austin Abrams) and Radar (Justice Smith), they set out on their own adventure to find the clues which Margo supposedly left for Quentin.  Eventually figuring out where Margo was, the three boys alongside Margo’s best friend, Lacey Pemberton (Halston Sage) and Radar’s girlfriend, Angela (Jaz Sinclair), they head out on a road trip to find Margo and bring her home.

Nat as Q was basically the best casting ever.  Despite having played a character from The Fault in Our Stars, I thought Nat actually held the movie together (as he should) being the lead.  I especially liked the last scene where he made me tear up when he said this: “You gave me all my firsts.”  It could be a statement or a realization but when Nat said it, his eyes were tearing up and if you remembered what Margo told him earlier, you would understand the relation.

“ET Phone Home.” Source: Fox 2000 Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment

Having read the book, I had a certain sort of standard because The Fault in Our Stars was done well.  So I was a little disappointed when I noticed key facts were not inside or changed to fit the movie version better.

Here were 3 of my pet peeves when watching Paper Towns (the ones that kinda bothered me a little):

1. No Sea World Scene
The Sea World scene from the book was MISSING! I felt that it was kinda crucial since it was where Q and Margo danced under the moonlight instead of dancing in the SunTrust Center.  But! I understand that we shouldn’t promote Sea World since they are still keeping Orcas in captivity and no one should continue to pay them for that.

2. Lacey Pemberton and Ben
The two of them actually got together much earlier in the book and it was a little weird to see them getting together ONLY when they are almost reaching Algoe.  It felt a little off for me cause it suddenly seem like Lacey was seeing if Ben was good enough for her before deciding to go out with him.

3. Radar’s girlfriend – Angela
Okay, I’m all for the more the merrier on a roadtrip but Angela didn’t go on the roadtrip with them in the book.  It was kinda strange to see this character we hardly knew come on the roadtrip, to find a girl she didn’t really know.

4. Algoe, New York
They were supposed to find her in that barn but instead of that, Q finds her in town.  I didn’t like how that setting changed because it almost kinda looked like they had to show how Q gets his bus ticket so that it was believable that he was able to get home.

“I’m going to be real with you. When we find Margo, she still isn’t going to be your girlfriend.” Source: Fox 2000 Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment

But, despite all that, there were some minor difference between the book and the movie that I liked.

1. Ben’s character/personality
In the book, I found Ben very much like a douche.  I liked that they gave his character more heart in making him seem like a sensitive guy.

2. The Pokemon song
I mean… Nothing can beat this scene.  I was actually wondering what they were singing until I recognized the melody and burst out laughing.

“We should form a boy band right?” Source: Fox 2000 Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment

In a lot of ways, I felt that this movie thought me a thing or two about relationships we have in reality.  We often think we know someone better than they know themselves but we never stop to think that it could be a projection of what we want them to be.  Q’s problem was that he never thought of Margo as someone human – an ordinary girl with ordinary problems like not knowing what she wants in life.  He always thought of her as more than a person which was the defining factor that led him to realize he couldn’t impose his beliefs on something that never existed.

All in all, Paper Towns is brilliant in its own way and everyone should go catch it if they can!



Ant-Man Review: Another Marvel victory


Ant-Man is based off the comic book character of the same name.  Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is an ex-convict that just got released from prison after serving his time for stealing embezzled money from a CEO to return to its cheated owners.  Upon coming out, he decides to clean up his act and start anew for the sake of his daughter.  Staying with his friend, Luis (Michael Pena), Scott gets a job at Baskin Robbins which unfortunately lasted a day.  Having been told by his wife, Maggie (Judy Greer), that he needed to start paying child support in order for him to meet his daughter on a more regular basis and fueled by the desire to be there for his daughter, Scott decides to take up a job that would bring him back to his old ways.

“Let’s all break into an old man’s house to steal a costume!” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

With a tip from Luis, Scott goes to planning with 2 other friends of Luis, Dave (T.I) and Kurt (David Dastmalchian) for a heist that they believe would make them rich.  Despite the obstacles that Scott faced while in the house, he finally opens the safe and instead of finding money or gold, he finds a suit with a head gear.  Not wanting to leave the house empty-handed, Scott takes the suit and head gear before leaving.  With the suit and head gear in his possession, Scott decides to put it on.  Fiddling with the suit, Scott comes across a button and hits it.  Scott shrinks in size and was taking in the suit’s amazing ability when Luis comes home.  Not having enough time to react, Scott remains in his shrink size as Luis enters the bathroom.  As Scott begins to run for his life, he regrets putting on the suit and when he finally makes it out; becoming his normal size again, he decides to break back into the house to return the items.

“I did all that elaborate breaking-in for this?!” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

As Scott attempts to break back into the house, he gets caught and brought to the station where Maggie’s boyfriend and police officer, Paxton (Bobby Cannavale), comes to talk to him, proving that he was right – Scott was never going to be able to remain on the right path.  Feeling like he has ruined his chances for good, Scott sits in his temporary cell dreading the thought of returning to the permanent cell he left not too long ago.  That was until he was told he had a visitor.  Scott meets with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), whom he had no idea was the man whose house he broke into.  After speaking with him, Scott returns to his cell where Pym smuggles the suit in for him to make his final decision.  Deciding to take up Pym’s offer, Scott puts on the suit and becomes tiny just as a police officer came to check on him.  Chaos ensues within the station when they find that Scott has escaped.  With help from some new friends, Scott makes his escape.  But not getting used to the new experiences the suit brings, Scott passes out while being transported on the back of a flying ant to Pym’s house.

“So, just break in, steal the thing I asked for and get out. 3 simple steps.” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

He wakes up to see that he is back to his normal size and was resting in a bed with a woman in his room.  He eventually finds out that she’s Pym’s daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly).  While having breakfast, Pym reveals that the heist he had been on was all a test for Scott as he had been looking for someone to be the new Ant-Man.  Impressed by the reasons why Scott broke the law, Pym figured he would be the best man to stop his disciple turned dangerous villain, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll).  Having formulated a suit called the Yellowjacket, Darren was going to sell this technology where it will land in the wrong hands – undeniably creating a new world war if it comes down to it.  Because of that, they needed to stop him and Scott was the perfect guy for the job.

“So, just turn into an ant and steal something way bigger than me?” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Together, Pym and Hope begin training Scott for his new task.  Knowing that his suit might not be able to beat Yellowjacket on its own, Pym creates blue and red discs that when thrown, shrinks or enlarges objects hit respectively.  Scott is then sent for his first mission to steal a device from Howard Stark’s old factory.  Unfortunately for Scott, he finds out that the old factory had now been turned into the Avengers’ headquarters.  Even after being told to abort the mission, Scott carries on and ends up facing off with the Falcon – Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie).  Scott makes it back to the Pyms with the device in hand.  With that in hand, they assembled a team consisting of Scott’s friends.  Working together, they sneak into Pym Technologies where they act on the plan they’ve come up with, only to be met with Darren, who knew what they were up to and had been one step ahead of them.

“Daddy’s going to be a superhero and you mustn’t worry about the name they call me, okay?” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Scott and Darren end up in a one-on-one at his ex-wife’s house where his daughter, Cassie (played by Abby Ryder Fortson) has been taken hostage.  Realizing that there was only one way to beat Darren and his Yellowjacket, Scott decides to go sub-atomic to destroy the suit from the inside.  Even after remembering what Pym had revealed about his wife’s similar situation and having disappeared forever because of it, Scott felt the need to risk it all for his daughter’s safety.  Accomplishing his task of getting rid of Darren, Scott enters the quantum realm.  Almost resigning to fate, Scott remembers that he still had one disc left.  With nothing to lose, Scott uses the disc and reverses the effects, coming back to reality.  The film comes to a happy ending with Luis coming up to Scott telling him that Sam has been looking for him.

“Yes. That’s right. They call me Ant-Man.” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I was quite disappointed that this film didn’t have enough hype!  Maybe it’s just me but I truly enjoyed this film from start to finish (including the 2 extra scenes during and after the credits).  For once, I’m actually happy that a funny man like Paul Rudd has finally been cast as a Marvel superhero.  He embodied the true reactions and personality of a superhero – one that doesn’t have the decorum we usually see in the more popular heroes.  Paul’s comedic timing was on point and I have to say that at times during the movie, I forget that I’m actually watching a Marvel movie.  I mean my dad was not into the movie until the action started and I think he almost thought he was watching a dramedy.

For me, this movie was like a candy surprise.  First we had Hayley Atwell then we had Anthony Mackie and then, we had Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans.  Needless to say, the fangirl in me was losing her shit. I enjoyed the reference they had with the Avengers in one of Scott’s line and the scenes where he fought with the Falcon.  And for the very first time, even though I am super afraid of insects, I cried when Anthony the flying ant died.  Even if it was a subtle announcement of his death (with the wing), I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve lost a friend.  This was by far one of my top favorite Marvel movies ever and I’m planning to re-watch it again on my plane journey to New York in September (fingers crossed)!

All in all, Ant-Man is truly a Marvel movie must-watch and should have gotten more hype.  Paul Rudd was a fantastic choice for Scott Lang and I cannot wait to see more of him in Civil War!  Oh, and remember to stay for the entire movie – like all the way to the end or you’ll miss the special scene from Civil War!