Ant-Man Review: Another Marvel victory


Ant-Man is based off the comic book character of the same name.  Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is an ex-convict that just got released from prison after serving his time for stealing embezzled money from a CEO to return to its cheated owners.  Upon coming out, he decides to clean up his act and start anew for the sake of his daughter.  Staying with his friend, Luis (Michael Pena), Scott gets a job at Baskin Robbins which unfortunately lasted a day.  Having been told by his wife, Maggie (Judy Greer), that he needed to start paying child support in order for him to meet his daughter on a more regular basis and fueled by the desire to be there for his daughter, Scott decides to take up a job that would bring him back to his old ways.

“Let’s all break into an old man’s house to steal a costume!” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

With a tip from Luis, Scott goes to planning with 2 other friends of Luis, Dave (T.I) and Kurt (David Dastmalchian) for a heist that they believe would make them rich.  Despite the obstacles that Scott faced while in the house, he finally opens the safe and instead of finding money or gold, he finds a suit with a head gear.  Not wanting to leave the house empty-handed, Scott takes the suit and head gear before leaving.  With the suit and head gear in his possession, Scott decides to put it on.  Fiddling with the suit, Scott comes across a button and hits it.  Scott shrinks in size and was taking in the suit’s amazing ability when Luis comes home.  Not having enough time to react, Scott remains in his shrink size as Luis enters the bathroom.  As Scott begins to run for his life, he regrets putting on the suit and when he finally makes it out; becoming his normal size again, he decides to break back into the house to return the items.

“I did all that elaborate breaking-in for this?!” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

As Scott attempts to break back into the house, he gets caught and brought to the station where Maggie’s boyfriend and police officer, Paxton (Bobby Cannavale), comes to talk to him, proving that he was right – Scott was never going to be able to remain on the right path.  Feeling like he has ruined his chances for good, Scott sits in his temporary cell dreading the thought of returning to the permanent cell he left not too long ago.  That was until he was told he had a visitor.  Scott meets with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), whom he had no idea was the man whose house he broke into.  After speaking with him, Scott returns to his cell where Pym smuggles the suit in for him to make his final decision.  Deciding to take up Pym’s offer, Scott puts on the suit and becomes tiny just as a police officer came to check on him.  Chaos ensues within the station when they find that Scott has escaped.  With help from some new friends, Scott makes his escape.  But not getting used to the new experiences the suit brings, Scott passes out while being transported on the back of a flying ant to Pym’s house.

“So, just break in, steal the thing I asked for and get out. 3 simple steps.” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

He wakes up to see that he is back to his normal size and was resting in a bed with a woman in his room.  He eventually finds out that she’s Pym’s daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly).  While having breakfast, Pym reveals that the heist he had been on was all a test for Scott as he had been looking for someone to be the new Ant-Man.  Impressed by the reasons why Scott broke the law, Pym figured he would be the best man to stop his disciple turned dangerous villain, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll).  Having formulated a suit called the Yellowjacket, Darren was going to sell this technology where it will land in the wrong hands – undeniably creating a new world war if it comes down to it.  Because of that, they needed to stop him and Scott was the perfect guy for the job.

“So, just turn into an ant and steal something way bigger than me?” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Together, Pym and Hope begin training Scott for his new task.  Knowing that his suit might not be able to beat Yellowjacket on its own, Pym creates blue and red discs that when thrown, shrinks or enlarges objects hit respectively.  Scott is then sent for his first mission to steal a device from Howard Stark’s old factory.  Unfortunately for Scott, he finds out that the old factory had now been turned into the Avengers’ headquarters.  Even after being told to abort the mission, Scott carries on and ends up facing off with the Falcon – Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie).  Scott makes it back to the Pyms with the device in hand.  With that in hand, they assembled a team consisting of Scott’s friends.  Working together, they sneak into Pym Technologies where they act on the plan they’ve come up with, only to be met with Darren, who knew what they were up to and had been one step ahead of them.

“Daddy’s going to be a superhero and you mustn’t worry about the name they call me, okay?” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Scott and Darren end up in a one-on-one at his ex-wife’s house where his daughter, Cassie (played by Abby Ryder Fortson) has been taken hostage.  Realizing that there was only one way to beat Darren and his Yellowjacket, Scott decides to go sub-atomic to destroy the suit from the inside.  Even after remembering what Pym had revealed about his wife’s similar situation and having disappeared forever because of it, Scott felt the need to risk it all for his daughter’s safety.  Accomplishing his task of getting rid of Darren, Scott enters the quantum realm.  Almost resigning to fate, Scott remembers that he still had one disc left.  With nothing to lose, Scott uses the disc and reverses the effects, coming back to reality.  The film comes to a happy ending with Luis coming up to Scott telling him that Sam has been looking for him.

“Yes. That’s right. They call me Ant-Man.” Source: Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I was quite disappointed that this film didn’t have enough hype!  Maybe it’s just me but I truly enjoyed this film from start to finish (including the 2 extra scenes during and after the credits).  For once, I’m actually happy that a funny man like Paul Rudd has finally been cast as a Marvel superhero.  He embodied the true reactions and personality of a superhero – one that doesn’t have the decorum we usually see in the more popular heroes.  Paul’s comedic timing was on point and I have to say that at times during the movie, I forget that I’m actually watching a Marvel movie.  I mean my dad was not into the movie until the action started and I think he almost thought he was watching a dramedy.

For me, this movie was like a candy surprise.  First we had Hayley Atwell then we had Anthony Mackie and then, we had Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans.  Needless to say, the fangirl in me was losing her shit. I enjoyed the reference they had with the Avengers in one of Scott’s line and the scenes where he fought with the Falcon.  And for the very first time, even though I am super afraid of insects, I cried when Anthony the flying ant died.  Even if it was a subtle announcement of his death (with the wing), I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve lost a friend.  This was by far one of my top favorite Marvel movies ever and I’m planning to re-watch it again on my plane journey to New York in September (fingers crossed)!

All in all, Ant-Man is truly a Marvel movie must-watch and should have gotten more hype.  Paul Rudd was a fantastic choice for Scott Lang and I cannot wait to see more of him in Civil War!  Oh, and remember to stay for the entire movie – like all the way to the end or you’ll miss the special scene from Civil War!




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