The Angry Birds Movie Review: A pretty funny adaption of a game app

“Did you know I was a snowman in my other life?” Source: Rovio Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures.

Always never quite fitting in with the rest of the birds, Red (Jason Sudekis), has taken to living as an outcast. After having an altercation with a customer, he gets sentenced to anger management lessons where he meets the instructor, Matila (Maya Rudolph) and fellow attendees, Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride) and Terence (Sean Penn). One of their sessions gets disrupted when everyone rushes to the beach to meet an oncoming boat carrying green pigs led by Leonard (Bill Hader). Not having met anyone from the outside before, they welcome the pigs with open arms, except for Red. As the chumminess between the pigs and birds grows, Red’s suspicion deepens. They are finally confirmed when the pigs does the unthinkable and flees the island. Red enlists the help of Chuck and Bomb to locate their protector, Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage), for his help but when they realized he wasn’t what the legends made him out to be, Red and the other birds take it upon themselves to hunt down the pigs and take back what’s theirs.

“Sorry – I didn’t mean to let one go..” Source: Rovio Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures.

For a comedy fan like me, it was a pretty impressive voice cast of comedians. We had SNL veterans, stand-up comedians and even Buster from Arrested Development in the mix. However, I felt that there were characters that could have been given more lines for the audience to catch their voices. It was especially disappointing for me to have barely heard Ike Barinholtz and Titus Burgess’ voices, when they were both so distinct. I could only tell myself that that’s their voices from my own deduction – since not all the pigs could be distinguished easily from their given names.

But, thankfully, the hilarious Maya Rudolph saved the film for me with her perfectly voiced Matilda, making me crack up each time she delivered her punchlines. Josh Gad didn’t disappoint as well although it was a little hard to distinguish if it was the yellow bird Chuck talking or the snowman, Olaf. I was mostly surprised with Peter Dinklage’s Mighty Eagle because he delivered his lines with comedic ease – something I had not expected from him.

“Release the kracken!” Source: Rovio Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures.

The plot for the film was fairly simple but definitely gives a back story for fans of the popular game app, Angry Birds. For someone who always wondered why the heck the pigs were after the birds’ eggs, I finally got my answer while fighting the urge to launch a bird with the slingshot. It was really innovative on the film creators’ part to involve elements of the game into the movie. When I saw the birds cutting across the poorly-made pig houses, I felt the equal satisfaction of doing the same in the game. Here’s hoping that they would develop the game app adapted from the movie soon – I’d really like to see my favorite mime bird and ‘free hugs’ bird included!

For movie buffs, you’re going to like the homages they pay to The Shining and Quicksilver from X-Men. I burst out laughing when it came to the iconic scene with the twins holding hands, much to the confusion of a little kid sitting next to me.

A truly entertaining film for the young, old and Angry Birds fans.




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