Finding Dory Review: Worth the wait!

Aww – what a beautiful family picture! © 2016 Disney/Pixar.

A year after joining Marlin (Albert Brooks) on his search for Nemo (Hayden Rolence), life has returned to normal under the sea until Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) begins to remember snippets of her childhood. As bits of her memories appear, Dory realizes that she had parents who had been separated from her. Enlisting Marlin and Nemo’s help, Dory goes on a quest to reunite with her long-lost parents.

Finally – the wait is over! This highly anticipated film that was 13 years in the making is finally on the big screens! Needless to say, it lives up to the expectations that I had for a Disney Pixar film. With a fairly simple storyline, it is easy for both kids and adults to follow.

Tough guys turned into lazy sealions! © 2016 Disney/Pixar.

I especially loved the characters in this film. They were voiced by talented comedians and actors who delivered their lines with witty humor. The unlikely duo that had me cracking up the most was none other than the sea lions voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West. Who would have thought two tough guys could voice two lazy and boisterous sea lions? It is definitely a different role from their usual dramatic performance and was quite frankly a pleasant surprise. Phil Dunphy Ty Burrell as Bailey the Beluga Whale was another character that deserves special mention for being annoying and funny at the same time. Oh, and not to forget, how cute is baby Dory!? I was literally making baby faces at the screen whenever baby Dory appeared!

“Oh no, here come ’em hands!” © 2016 Disney/Pixar.

My favorite scene in the film would have to be the touch pool with the kids. It not only depicted a real life scene that I’ve seen before, in an aquarium, but the sea creatures’ reaction echoed what I had been thinking whenever I witnessed this. Often, we look at sea creatures like they are meant to be prodded and gawked at. But in actuality, they are pretty cool creatures that deserve to be appreciated.

Finding Dory is definitely a must-watch for the family so swim to your nearest theater to catch it if you haven’t!




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