Ghostbusters Review: It’s all about Holtzmann

“Oh man – we got bad reviews even before the movie started showing in cinemas!?” Source: Columbia Pictures.

Physicist Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) is sucked back into the Paranormal world when she encounters an apparition appear before her eyes. Together with her friend, Paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and Engineer Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), they form a team to try and prove that ghosts do exist. Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) joins the team when strange paranormal sightings start happening all over Manhattan. When they discover the bigger plan at hand, the four women prepare themselves for an epic battle with the dearly departed in the iconic Times Square.

Having watched both films, I’d have to say that there are a few differences between the two. Instead of it being a reboot (like everyone thought it was), I felt that it seemed more like a homage to the original classic from 1984. The plot wasn’t like the original either, as they were battling a human-turned-spirit instead of a supernatural being from the get-go.

“We don’t need another nay-sayer in our midst¬†–¬†thank you.” Source: Columbia Pictures

The team up of this funny ladies was like a squad I wanted to be a part of. Apart from Wiig and McCarthy who are well-known for their comedic qualities, McKinnon and Jones didn’t let that overshadow them. McKinnon especially, stole the show for me. Her hilarious antics and inappropriately-timed one-liners had her standing out from the other 3 during their shared scenes. Not to mention her bad-ass paranormal butt-whooping that made her seem like the paintball participant that we’d want on our team.

The cameos of the original Ghostbusters characters were fun to see as they added a nostalgic effect. It was also a relief to see that they weren’t going to play any cliche roles that were related to the girls. Chris Hemsworth’s character was a particularly refreshing sight though the silliness of his character got a little difficult to tolerate after a while.

Yes, it may not have had the qualities that made the original so special, but it did feel like an updated version for the younger generation.




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