Trolls Review: A Feel Good Movie

Having escaped from the Bergens, the Trolls have led a happy and carefree life. That is until Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) decides to throw the loudest party ever, leading a banished Bergen, Chef (Christine Baranski) to their hideout. A handful of Trolls get captured and Poppy is left with no choice but to ask Branch (Justin Timberlake), a pessimistic Troll for help. Together, they travel to the Bergens’ hometown to try and save their friends from becoming a happy meal.

Compared to Minions the Movie, I felt that this was a much better film from Dreamworks Animation. Though I like the silly little yellow beings, this film brought something different to the table. On a whole, the plot was rather simple with the main focus about saving the taken Trolls. However, there were little elements in the film that made it feel more like an animated film for adults than for kids. Coupled with the nostalgic 80’s tunes, it was a perfect blend of animation and music.

“Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!” Source: Dreamworks Animation

The voice talents selected for this film were pretty perfect for the roles as their personalities seemed to blend in with their Trolls. Though there were many big names involved, it was pretty disappointing when some characters didn’t seem to have a fair distribution of dialogue. One of these characters was DJ Suki voiced by Gwen Stefani. Throughout the whole film, I hardly heard her character speak and was quite surprised to find that she was the voice talent. The girls from Icona Pop actually had more lines than her and the comedic talents, James Corden and Ron Funches. Thankfully, Corden and Funches were each able to deliver their lines with wit that made them more memorable than the other characters. Corden’s Biggie was definitely one of my favorite as his personality was able to transcend animation.

“Talk to my hand cause the face don’t want to hear it.” Source: Dreamworks Animation

Kendrick and Timberlake’s chemistry was really great, which made for a strong lead cast. It was hard not to feel optimistic whenever Kendrick’s Poppy launches into a pep-talk, while dreading Timberlake’s negative thinking as seen in Branch.

The Trolls and Bergens all had a personality that complemented each other perfectly, one way or another. The characters all had a way of making the audience instantly relate to or grow fond of. Bridget (Zooey Deschanel), a Bergen, was one such unsuspecting character who had the audience take an instant liking to her, growing protective of her when she entered a rather hairy situation.

Though it is marketed as a film for kids, I strongly suggest the young at heart to go catch this film. You’ll definitely find yourself picking up on the witty lines and possibly lip-syncing to the music. It’s a feel-good movie that’s worth your time.




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