La La Land Review: A Bittersweet Love Story

Mia (Emma Stone), is an aspiring actress who works at a cafe situated in a studio lot. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), is a jazz musician who aspires to open his own jazz club but scrapes by playing at restaurants and parties. The two meet, hitting it off and becoming one another’s pillar of support as they work toward their dreams. But, as each start to gain momentum and success, their fragile relationship takes a hit. They are eventually left with decisions that change their lives forever.

Over the course of the years that Mia and Sebastian were together, they experienced all the highs of a couple in love. But when their dreams slowly take shape, they begin to experience tough decisions that start to sour the relationship. The foundation of the support begins to disintegrate, becoming hard to accomodate one another. In short, it is a simple love story that combines dancing and singing. But at the heart of it are two kindred souls that fell in love because of the passion they saw in one another for their craft.

The highs of a romance. Source: Black Label Media, Gilbert Films, Impostor Pictures

A remarkable film that shows the vulnerability of love between two people – La La Land is a bittersweet look at how two people can forget each other so easily when given an opportunity they’ve longed for. Though many would argue that they just didn’t love each other enough, I felt that they did love each other but just not to the point where they can see themselves giving up on their dreams. They loved each other in a different sense – one that gave each other support. They both knew mutually that somehow, their love for one another thrived on the passion they each had. Mia’s love grew whenever she sees Sebastian play the piano. And his love for her grew whenever he sees her planning for her one-woman play. When Sebastian starts to waver in his belief for true jazz authenticity, Mia’s love began to wane.

“Our careers are so beautiful, huh?” Source: Black Label Media, Gilbert Films, Impostor Pictures

It was sad for me at the end of the film though I understood the decision that arrived at that conclusion. I honestly would have preferred the ending in that dance sequence but it would have meant one of them giving up on their aspirations.

La La Land has the making of a perfect Broadway show and it is only a matter of time until it happens. The dancing, tapping and singing made for an enjoyable film that truly brought back a nostalgic feel. I’m hoping this is the start to more films like this – a rare gem of 2016.




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