Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review: It can’t really be the final, right?

Having escaped from the Hive, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is contacted by the Red Queen (Eva Anderson) to return to the Hive for the Anti-Virus that will kill all creatures infected with the T-Virus. Only given 48 hours until the last human outpost falls, she makes her way back to Raccoon City where she crosses paths with several other survivors. With Dr Issacs (Iain Glen) hot on her heels and hell bent on destruction of all human life, Alice teams up with the survivors to deter Issacs as they make their way back to the Hive before its too late.

As with most endings to a franchise, there were times when I was worried the film might have been put together haphazardly. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, though not the best, still managed to have a proper start to finish with all the much-loved action packed in. Reprising her role 6 years after, Jovovich still kicks ass. Like before, her stunt routine hasn’t faltered and she still makes me feel like I’d never survive a zombie apocalypse if I’m not her. Glen’s reprisal of Doctor Issacs was not only impressive but super annoying. I often found myself wishing for his quick demise even though he was the main antagonist.

“Why do I get the feeling that aside from Claire, I’ve got the wrong squad with me?” © Capcom Entertainment, Constantin Film, Screen Gems

Though I enjoyed the film thoroughly, I did have a few problems with it.

New characters: It’s always nice to introduce new characters into a franchise for the continuity of the universe. However, I strongly feel that every character should have at least a fair amount of screen time and introduction before they meet their untimely demise. I felt like I didn’t get to know several of the new characters before POOF – they died or disappeared. I know that characters, especially in an apocalyptic world like Resident Evil, are all expandable and I should expect that to happen but it just seemed a little much to include new characters in the last film of the franchise.

Old characters: Chris, Ada, Leon, Luther, K-Mart, Jill? Where for art thou old characters? Last I remembered these characters were alive and kicking so where are they? Being the supposed last film in the franchise, shouldn’t these characters be included? I find it slightly annoying that the original game characters had been omitted from the mix since they are the ones gamers identify with. It was seriously strange to see only Alice pop up from the debris and fight off the monsters when the last film had the others with her. Terrible continuity problem that should have been addressed.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
“YIKES! IT’S THE MOVIE REVIEWERS!” © Capcom Entertainment, Constantin Film, Screen Gems

Wesker: What was supposedly the lean, mean fighting machine of the Umbrella Corporation suddenly became a whiskey-drinking model in the office. Instead of giving Wesker the time to show off his fighting prowess, the audience is shown scenes of him giving instruction to the Red Queen while mixing a drink and eyeing the screens. His character felt like a contradiction to every word he says in this film. I found it pretty annoying when he said ‘he’d handle security’ only to let something else do the work for him. Perhaps he meant handle security manually with the buttons and all, but shouldn’t he be fighting physically instead? Not to mention the weird transition where Wesker brings Claire in without any injury. It was like she had waited for Wesker to pick her up instead of fighting him since well, I don’t know – HE’S THE ENEMY?! This wasn’t a good use of the character and frankly felt a little like a pacifier to fans of the franchise.

“Think we’ll see another Resident Evil film?” © Capcom Entertainment, Constantin Film, Screen Gems

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a pretty good addition to the franchise though I do not enjoy it as the final film. There are many loopholes and questions left unanswered which should be addressed. I won’t be surprise if a sequel is currently in discussion but if this is truly the end for Resident Evil, I am not satisfied.




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