Kong Skull Island Review: Man, what a roller-coaster ride!

On an expedition to explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, a diverse group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers come face-to-face with the largest inhabitant of the island, Kong. Almost immediately depleting their numbers in group by more than half, their exciting adventure into the unknown suddenly becomes a survival of the fittest.

As an action-packed film, it is safe to say that Kong Skull Island didn’t have much plot. While that in itself is not a detrimental factor, it did leave quite a few plot holes which I had hoped were filled by the end of the film.

The star of this film was definitely Kong himself, who through the wonderful effort of CGI artists, became a creature that looked so realistic that I got jealous when Brie Larson’s character touched his face. The creation of Kong’s foe was also quite intricately done though I can’t say I’m a fan of the regurgitating bit. Because of the amazing CGI done, the fight scene between these two creatures was definitely the highlight of the film.

“Game face on everyone.” ¬©Warner Bros.

I actually liked that the film generally didn’t care much for it’s human characters and who played them. I was quite surprise to see the quick demise of characters played by veteran actors, whom I had assumed would have survived till the end of the film. It was no surprise that Samuel L Jackson reprises yet another character that doesn’t take crap from nobody – even if it is a 100 foot ape. Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston didn’t really create much of an impression for me as I kinda see them as playing themselves. I did particularly enjoy John C.Reilly’s portrayal of World War II vet, Hank Marlow. Though some would view him as the comic relief, his character was easy to warm up to and became quite endearing after a while.

Though very much a film riddled with unanswered questions, Kong Skull Island is very much like a ride at Universal Studios; especially if you catch it in IMAX 3D. Just remember to stay till the end of the credits for a surprise link to another beloved creature that we’re all pretty familiar with.

Hint: His name starts with a G.




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