Trip of the Year: Day 2 – A Proper Introduction to the Highlands!

After the rather eventful night in Edinburgh, we woke up to begin the day afresh.

First order of business was to fix my mom’s glasses so we headed to Boots to get a pair of glasses. The plan was to take the leg from the new pair and fix it onto my mom’s old pair; which sounds rather easy but took 2 attempts. The end result was a rather lopsided pair of glasses which looked pretty decent.

Having skipped dinner, we had some McDonald’s breakfast before the trip to Boots so we had a bit of time to digest as we started our walk toward the widely popular, The Elephant House. It is known among Potterheads as the cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, and the main attraction for our visit to Edinburgh.

Locating The Elephant House had us rather confused. Though we had used Google Maps to find the walking route, we ended up walking up and down the hill twice before finding the right street where the red signboard above beckoned.

We found it!

Due to its popularity, tables were not readily available so we had to wait in line for about 15 to 20 minutes before being brought to a nice cosy table by the corner.

A cheeky greeting at the entrance.

For a cafe, their menu is rather extensive and gave us a lot of options. We ended up ordering a Soup of the day, Homemade Chicken Pie and Beef Lasagna for our main course. And, for dessert, we got a Victoria Sponge Cake with a Marshmallow Hot Chocolate and Blackberry tea.

The food was hearty and homely which made for a change from the similar dishes we’ve had elsewhere. My beef lasagna felt like a rather healthy alternative to those that I have had back home as it had a rather balanced portion of vegetable and beef. My mom felt that it lacked a bit of flavor as it tasted slightly bland but I thought that this gave it a rather homemade feel. My mom enjoyed her chicken pie though she seemed to have preferred the mash potato side more. Her soup however, made for a more enjoyable dish as she had been looking forward to something that warmed her belly.

We had high expectations for the Victoria Sponge Cake, which didn’t turn out as we expected it to. The sponge cake itself was light and fluffy but the cream and jam was a bit too sweet when taken together. Our beverages were excellent though especially my Marshmallow Hot Chocolate which was an appropriately sugary treat!

It is an absolute must to visit the Women’s washroom when you come to The Elephant House – even if you don’t exactly need to. And what does the washroom hold besides the necessity?

Why, it holds the thousands of messages left on the walls by Potterheads from all over the world, silly muggle!

As soon as you open the door to the Women’s washroom, you’ll be greeted by the colorful messages and drawings left by fans with their sharpies. It is quite a sight to behold as it really strikes you how much of an impact J.K. Rowling has made with Harry Potter. The messages were also written all over in the cubicles themselves! I was tempted to leave my mark as well but I had forgotten to bring a writing tool with me!


Following our hearty meal, we decided to take a stroll round the area where we saw many interesting stores.

They offer real witch tours in the night!
This store sells all kinds of interesting things including some Harry Potter memorabilia! Plus, it seems to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley!
This is a unique Frankenstein-themed pub! Monster parties anyone?
Had to take this photo because this just reminds me of the movie, The World’s End with Simon Pegg.

Though our time in Edinburgh was rather short, there was definitely enough to have me planning a longer trip there the next time round.


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