Trip of the Year: Day 3 – Back to London we go!

Bye Edinburgh! Till next time!

We said goodbye to Edinburgh in the morning as we headed back to London for the next part of our trip. Arriving back in King’s Cross, we took the tube toward Leicester Square to get checked-in to our hotel.

Z Hotel is conveniently located right next to the Palace Theatre, where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child resides; which ultimately made it the number one choice for our accommodation.

Upon check-in, we were told that we were given an upgrade to a flat in place of the double room that we had booked. Naturally, we were quite pleased with the new arrangement and gratefully accepted it; only to realize that the building housing the flats were not exactly a part of the hotel per se, and getting there was a heck of a journey.

It was located in a building behind the hotel where accessibility was a pain in the butt, especially with our big luggage. We had to walk quite a distance from where the lift was located and navigate down two flights of stairs which were windy and narrow.

Here’s my mom heading down the stairs.

Having gone through a long journey, we were definitely not up for one last exhausting task before reaching our room. The staff who showed us to our room was gracious enough to assist with our luggage though it still didn’t discount the fact that getting to the room was inconvenient.

We eventually made it to the flat which was definitely bigger than we had expected. It had a living room space, a kitchen and a large bathroom; making us feel like we just got our very own apartment. The surprise at getting such a big hotel room for the price we paid almost made us forgot about the trouble of getting in and out of the place.

As it had been a transition day for us (getting from Edinburgh back to London), we decided leave the exploring for the next day and rest a bit before heading out to grab dinner.

The one thing I had been looking forward to on this trip was to be reunited with my favorite fast food outlet, Shake Shack. Since my last trip to New York in 2015, I had been craving for their burger and shake for almost three years. So, imagine my excitement when I spotted the Shake Shack just 5 minutes away from me; across the road from the Palace Theatre!

Upon entry, we were greeted by a moderate queue and immediately set about securing a table before we ordered. Once I sat my mother down at our table, I went to order the food.

This is what my kind of Shake Shack meal looks like!

We had 2 Shack Burgers, 2 packs of crinkle-cut fries, a regular lemonade and a chocolate brownie milkshake. While I had expected the same quality as the one we had in New York, the Shack Burgers and fries were not up to par. The burger had too little of the special Shack sauce and the beef patty lacked the juiciness when bitten into. The fries were felt a tad bit over-fried and didn’t have the nice soggy feel that I loved. The only items that didn’t disappoint were the beverages. My chocolate brownie milkshake was a seasonal item which tasted pretty good compared to the food.

Feeling unsatisfied with the meal and exhausted from the journey we had, we returned back to the comfort of our hotel room where we watched back-to-back episodes of NCIS as a consolation before calling it a day.

Thanks, Sky Entertainment Box Set.


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