Kumoya x Care Bears Cafe Review: An enjoyable pop-up experience

Last Sunday, I finally made it to the Care Bears Cafe for lunch with my mom and sis. As these were endearing characters from my sister’s childhood, she had been pretty stoked to visit the cafe.

However, as with all novelty cafes, the waiting time was not something to enjoy. We waited for close to an hour plus, before we got a nice table by the corner which came with its own Care Bear plush! The decor of the cafe was made up to look cheery and colorful; which are associated with the Care Bears. On every table top were phrases related to the Care Bears franchise which were pretty cute.

We were given menus; which we browsed again despite already making a decision outside. Despite our early preparation, when my sister made her order at the cashier, she was told that all the snacks had already sold out – 1 hour and 53 minutes after they opened. While we were initially surprised, we did realize that it was the last day for the pop-up cafe. Shortage of food shouldn’t be a surprise. Since we couldn’t force the snacks out of them, we decided to just go ahead and order whatever choices we have left.

We ordered the Chicken Burger and Fish & Chips from the mains; Spread-the-Cheer Waffles and Rainbow Garden Strawberry Parfait for desserts; Cute Cuddly Calpis, Live with Passion and The Care-a-Lot Choc-a-Lot for our beverages.

Food we ordered: Fish and Chips + Chicken Burger

The chicken in the burger was moist and crispy even with the accompanying sauce though the bread got soggy real quick. The Fish and Chips were slightly bland and definitely needed condiments to add flavor. Hence, this made the mains alright but not great.

Beverages we ordered: Cute Cuddly Calpis, Live with Passion and The Care-a-Lot Choc-a-Lot.

The beverages were pretty good though The Care-a-Lot Choc-a-Lot failed in comparison to the other two drinks we ordered. It would have been good if there was a proper chocolatey taste to it than the cocoa powder taste which was significant in every sip.

The desserts were a good round off to our otherwise pretty okay lunch. The Hokkaido Strawberry soft serve that accompanied both of our desserts were milky and not so sweet; which made for a great pairing with the rest of the sugary treats.

All in all, the trip to the Care Bears pop-up cafe was an experience that we enjoyed. However, it would take a lot of convincing for us to visit another similar pop-up cafe again.

P.S: Kumoya Cafe is getting ready for their next pop-up which is a… Tokidoki-themed cafe. So, if you’re a fan, be ready to visit the pop-up cafe when they open on 29 March 2018!


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