Trip of the Year: Day 5 – A Visit to the British Library & Food Adventures!

Following the previous day’s exciting itinerary, we embarked on yet another Harry Potter-themed adventure to the British Library! This time, we were visiting the library for their widely popular exhibition, Harry Potter: A History of Magic. Tickets had to be bought prior to the trip as tickets for the day were already sold out when we arrived for the first entry at 9am!

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to be taken within the exhibition itself but it was quite an educational experience. The exhibition was separated into 5 different categories based off the subjects taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They were Astrology, Charms, Divination, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Herbology. Alongside the age-old artifacts and books, the exhibition included never-before-seen works from J.K. Rowling, like her drawings and an unpublished chapter that would have changed the entire Harry Potter story that we know and love!

We made it through the exhibition within two hours and after, headed off to South Kensington for lunch at Muriel’s Kitchen.


Muriel’s Kitchen is located just a few steps away from the exit of the South Kensington tube station. As it was lunch time on a weekday, the cafe was fairly crowded and we had to wait in line for a table. My mom and I were not picky about seats so we were seated pretty quick at the high chair table by the window.


The food served at Muriel’s are wholesome, with several organic choices. My mom ordered a Full English off their brunch section while I got a Muriel’s Family Beef Lasagne with cheesy garlic bread and a chocolate milkshake.

While my mom wasn’t so pleased with her choice (due to her pet peeve: runny scrambled eggs), I was super pleased with mine. Having been disappointed by other cafes and their so-called cheesy garlic bread, Muriel’s impressed and delivered. The cheesy garlic bread had a good portion of mozzarella on it which complemented the garlic spread underneath. The bread was toasted well; balancing the softness of the center and the crispiness of the sides. I did a mental happy dance when I took a bite out of Muriel’s Family Beef Lasagne. Compared with the healthy version that I had in Edinburgh, this was the lasagne I had been waiting for. The beef sauce brought the whole dish together with just the right amount of flavor that didn’t make the dish too heavy. Even my mother who was quite upset with her pick was impressed with mine (she finished the last few bites of my lasagne). I ended everything with my delightfully light and frothy chocolate milkshake, which made for the perfect sweet ending to my lunch at Muriel’s Kitchen.

After lunch, we headed across the road to check out this pâtisserie named Mâitre Choux. The éclairs displayed in the window already had me sold.


When we entered, we were greeted by a display of choux pastries which had were of different flavors. Wasting no time, we got a raspberry and salted caramel flavored choux as well as 2 éclairs – one that had chocolate cream and another that had raspberry & vanilla cream.

Mom finished her choux pastry before I got a chance to take a photo

The choux pastry is light and fluffy which went really well with the cream. The raspberry cream was overall sweet with a slight tart taste which complemented the pastry as a whole. As someone who does not have a sweet tooth, my mom finished the choux pastry in a blink of an eye which was a testimony of how good the pastry was. My salted caramel pastry was absolutely heavenly. It didn’t have that artificial salted caramel taste which most same-named pastries tend to have. The salted caramel cream was blended brilliantly. The overall taste that I got was the sweet and salty taste of caramel; no exaggeration of the salty or sweet parts. As for the éclairs, they were made of the same light choux pastry and were simply delectable. If you’re ever in South Kensington, head to Mâitre Choux – you won’t be disappointed!

We ended our day with a trip to the Selfridge & Co. food hall where we found Blondies Kitchen! They specialize in all things cookie and have quite a number of tasty flavors to choose from! My personal favorite is the peanut butter which tastes just like a peanut butter sandwich! They’ve also got cereal milk which tastes exactly as it is labeled. I got a bottle and it tastes just like cocoa pops without the chewing!

With Harry Potter and endless food adventures, it was simply a food-fulling day!


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