Trip of the Year: Day 6 – Living it up in London with Food!

As it was a free and easy day, we woke up a little later than usual before heading out to have breakfast at Camden Market. 


Though Camden Market had a lot of food options, we were on the search for a little place called the Cereal Killer Cafe. This came highly recommended by my sister, who visited the place a few months before. 


Located at the Stables Yard of Camden Market, the Cereal Killer Cafe is visibly prominent thanks to its big sign and outdoor seating area.  

Upon entry into the cafe, I felt like I was transported into a teenager’s bedroom in the 80s. The cafe serves all things related to cereal (as it is aptly named); though they do have toast available. We ordered at the cashier in the front before heading to the back where the seats were located. While I may have thought that the store decorations in the front were rad, the furniture they used for seating were outrageously cool. They had 3 single beds that were used as benches, which really added to the 80s theme!


Prior to us placing our order, we were given a VHS tape cover that acted as our table number – for easy delivery of our food. 


The wait time wasn’t too long and we were served our breakfast in no time. I had a bowl of Lucky Charms that came with a mini bottle of milk as well as a mint milkshake while my mom got the traditional toast with marmite and a latte. Now, before you say that the bowl of cereal was just ordinary; I’d like to stress that it was impossible to have that many marshmallows in a bowl of Lucky Charms at home. The proportion of my Lucky Charms was 60% marshmallows and 40% cereal – a total treat for me, who prefers the marshmallows over the actual cereal. Now, the milkshake I had was absolutely heavenly for a mint fan (like me!). The mint flavoring blended well and gave the milkshake a balanced creamy-menthol taste which was just right. My mom, who doesn’t like mint at all, couldn’t even resist taking more than a few sips.

The overall atmosphere of the cafe just had me feeling like I was enjoying breakfast in Mike Wheeler’s basement, and I simply loved every minute I spent there.

~ * ~


Before heading to our high tea reservation at Fortnum & Masons, we checked out Crosstown Doughnuts where I got a Mud Pie doughnut as a snack. While the filling was pretty good and chocolatey, I wasn’t really a fan of the doughnut shell. It wasn’t fluffy and was more doughy than expected; resulting in more chews than a Krispy Kreme doughnut. 

~ * ~

High Tea at Fortnum & Masons had us feeling chi-chi as fudge. 


We arrived a few minutes early and were told to take a seat at the lounge area while they got our table ready. Once our table was ready, we had a server bring us to our table where we were presented the menus. As we had already perused the menu prior to our arrival at the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, we took the time to view the tea selection instead; which wasn’t very many as compared to the tea selection that we’ve seen at other places before. Needless to say, we made up our minds pretty fast.

Together with our Afternoon Tea sets, I selected the Vanilla Nougat Tea while my mom selected the Moroccan Mint. 

Our goodies arrived a few minutes after our pots of tea and we were pretty excited to begin. Being scone gals, we started on them first. I went for the plain ones while my mom had the raisin ones. As compared to those that I’ve had before, these were pretty good. They were buttery and light; which went really well with the clotted cream! The finger sandwiches were pretty good though the best of the lot was the Coronation Chicken. The sweets on the other hand were a hit and miss. Out of the 5 that we had, we only liked the tart and choux pastry. 

After our little high tea session, we headed down to the shop floors to pick up some goodies before calling it a day.


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