My Writing Journey

Since I’ve published quite a number of movie reviews already, I thought it’s time to give a little brief summary of my writing journey.

I’ve been writing for 11 years now, and though it started off as a hobby, it is now very much a part of who I am. I had been rather shy about writing when I first began, only letting my close friend read the stories I’ve penned. My secret relationship with writing was eventually found out by my sister, who chanced upon my binders of hand-written writing in the study. And, I’d like to think that it was she who gave me the confidence to post online.

I’m a rather shy person in reality. To post something personal online wasn’t something I was comfortable with. Growing up with the internet, I wasn’t ignorant about the internet trolls that exist. They were one of the reasons why I didn’t dare to put anything that was mine online.

But I realized that if I never gave myself the opportunity to be criticized, I wouldn’t know what worked and what didn’t in my writing. So, on one bold evening, I uploaded the first chapter of my story online.

I had expected it to be met with instant rejection but instead, there were nice, constructive comments left from readers that enjoyed it.

That’s when I figured it was the right move.

Now, I not only maintain this blog, I write for a local website named Geek Crusade, that is all about movies, TV and the Geek pop culture in general.

If you’d like to read the reviews and articles I’ve written, you can visit here –

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts! If you’re one of the handful of followers I have, thank you very much for giving this girl a boost in confidence! 🙂

Till the next film, y’all!


Random Friday Ramblings: Keep

Today’s our special day.  It’s the first day we met and I cannot wait to surprise him!

It was three years ago when he caught my eye.  We were at a benefit.  He was dressed in a dapper suit that fit his hunky persona.  I was dressed in a white and black outfit, my hair done up the way I always did at functions like this – in a simple yet elegant ponytail.  I was shy and keeping to myself most of the time but he walked over to ask me if I was enjoying myself. I gave him an ‘okay’ as a response when all I really wanted to tell him, was that the benefit mostly sucked until he came over to talk to me.

I smiled as I garnished the steak I had made for our special anniversary night. It smells and looks heavenly.  I can’t wait till he tries it.

I wiped my hands on my apron and carried the plates out to the dining table.  I placed them on the table mat before adjusting the position of the bottle of Aged Cabernet Sauvignon that I got earlier from the wine shop downtown.  I took off my apron and headed back into the kitchen to hang it on the hook.  I looked around the kitchen.  The chocolate souffle was baking in the oven and everything was going smoothly.  All I needed to do now was to bring my hunk to his surprise.

~ * ~

I opened the door and smiled seeing my gorgeous boy still sleeping.  I walked over to him and lightly ran my fingers through his hair.  He jolted awake and moved from his sleeping position.

“Hi sweetie.” I said. “Dinner’s served.”

He was too surprised to speak or maybe he’s just sleepy.  Silly boy.

“Sweetie… It’s the day we first met, remember?” I said.
“I remember.” He said.

I smiled. “Then what are you waiting for? Your dapper suit is in the bathroom. Get dressed!”

He slowly moved towards the bathroom as I sat down on the bed, to wait for him.  To kill time while waiting, I reached for the remote and switched on the television.

“The Delaney family are still searching for their son, 3 years after his disappearance at the family’s benefit. There have been several reports with leads to his whereabouts but nothing the NYPD can confirm.”

The screen widened from the close-up shot to a wide shot of the news anchor with a picture of… Me.

“Anthony Delaney was last seen with this woman, who was working at the benefit. Despite the NYPD having firm beliefs on this lead, the endless search for this mystery woman has the authorities looking to newer leads.”

I smiled at the television before switching it off.  I stood up and straightened my skirt as I turned to look at my dapper man in his suit.  Despite his ever-present frown and refusal to speak more than five words to me, he is mine.

And I’m going to keep it that way.